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Meet Lori Barraud

Lori Barraud

Lori Barraud, the founder of HR LAB Consulting, is a distinguished leader with over 20 years of experience spanning the healthcare, biotech, and non-profit sectors.

Lori's journey into HR leadership began in Hempstead, NY, where her early years were marked by a profound interest in human dynamics, collaborative environments, and advocacy for equity and inclusion. This passion laid the foundation for her career trajectory, leading her to become a driving force in transforming workplace cultures.

With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of modern businesses, Lori founded HR LAB Consulting in response to the transformative workplace dynamics of the 2020s. Her vision? To bridge the leadership gap across industries and empower organizations with strategic HR solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Lori's track record speaks volumes. She has steered organizations through talent acquisition, employee relations, and performance management challenges with finesse, always aligning HR initiatives with overarching business objectives. Her proactive approach ensures that clients stay ahead of the curve, benefiting from the latest industry innovations and best practices in HR.

Central to Lori's ethos is her unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion. She champions the creation of workplaces that not only value individual differences but also foster a profound sense of belonging. As the founder of HR LAB Consulting, Lori brings a wealth of knowledge, a passion for excellence, and a dedication to driving organizational transformation through strategic HR solutions.

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